I was honored to spend 4 months consulting part time with multimer. Multimer is an EDWOSB-certified data analytics firm that spun out of MIT and is supported by the National Science Foundation. They specialize in providing spatial analysis of biometric device data to architects and urban planners. 
They brought me on because they were expanding their dashboard to incorporate indoor data sets. 
They wanted me to design a system on top of their current web interface that could support decision making for architects and urban planners and scale for multiple users. Doing research on what exists, talking to one of the indoor users they were piloting with and diving into power bi and data analytics dashboards I broke the needs down into 3 categories.
Utilization: what spaces are people using/occupying and when?
Feeling map: how do employees feel as they move through the space both in terms of location and time?
Room data: what is the temperature of the room, what are the decibel levels, and light conditions that could be influencing user experience in the space?
Knowing that there might be variation in need depending on the space and the user, ie an urban planner vs an architect, I also designed with buttons for adding and removing menus.

Other Projects:

Spectra (Showcase Website)
Documentation of my design and development of a webpage displaying ~17 student thesis projects for a 300+ publicly attended student showcase while working as a Web Content Manager at NYU. This was done alongside my project lead responsibilities of supporting budgets, team meetings, and organizing the 5+ student teams who made the showcase a success.
Web Development, Web Design, Web Scraping
IDM Showcase Lead
As a major-wide school show, the IDM showcase presented works from all the students at NYU's Integrated Digital Media program. I lead 15 dedicated students to run this fantastic showcase of 100+ projects that was attended by 250+ attendees!
Leadership, Organizing
Graphic Design
These are some of the posters, signage, and logos I have created for emails, display boards, and flyers going to 1,000+ / 10,000+ students from 2014 - 2018.
Graphic Design, Flyer
Handwashing: Positivity Through Marketing
Discovering that 1/3 of Americans skipped washing their hands after using the bathroom, a team and I decided to do a campaign to reduce that number. We created a positive campaign to encourage people to keep their hands clean and spread love through clean hands.
Marketing, Videography, Experiential Advertising
CoreConnect Conference
Design assets I created to promote the CoreConnect conference on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin which reached 500 organic impressions and 2,000+ paid impressions within the span of a week. The assets were designed to work with each platforms best standards and aspect ratio.
Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing
Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree
A brief summary of what I learned to reach 19,000+ consumers using a budget of $100, how I created a $50,000 full media plan, and used Moz to perform SEO planning through the Udacity digital marketing nanodegree program.
Marketing, Data Analytics, Content Strategy
Relax in Virtual Reality (VR)
A summary of how I prototyped a meditation virtual reality experience for android phones. In order to prepare people for the virtual experience I had a physical setup with a grass mat. I received positive feedback from 7 people as well as ways to improve on it.
Experiential Design, Environment Building, Virtual Reality