Hi, my name is Ife! I graduated from NYU with a Cum Laude degree in digital media. I have a year of experience working with technology at different capacities and I've been recognized by co-workers, clients, and employers as an enthusiastic, creative problem solver who loves collaboration and is always up to take on additional responsibility. 
Certified through FreeCodeCamp & HackerRank in JavaScript and Algorithms as well as in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript responsive web design I am very comfortable with the web. I am also google advanced analytics certified, google ads search certified, and have  and the WCAG.
On my free time, I like to do calisthenics to stay fit and read self development books! I am currently reading a great book on doing what you love called "Hell Yes or No" by David Sivers.
Feel free to reach out at ilawal1996@gmail.com for any opportunities you have or if you just want to talk health and books!