The things I plan to focus energy on as my full time for this coming week, is working through the Ruby on Rails book by Michael Hartl. The book seems to focus on development to deployment as well as Test Driven Development and talking through Model, View, Controller which are really important concepts I want to learn for development and deployment of apps.
In terms of also getting more exposure and knowledge on this front I’m planning to ask people about pairing and support on a few items tomorrow:

A 3 part (at least I think 3 parts is a solid amount) pairing session on hacking effectively:
- Part 1, Setting up your environment
- Part 2, Coding, reading documentation, and utilizing external resources and internal knowledge usefully. My current emphasis would be on reading API / framework documentation
- Part 3, Deployment!
I also want to pair on, or shadow someone, doing test driven development. I got a glimpse of how it’s done through FreeCodeCamp and the Mocha, Chai libraries, but that was in a bubble and I’m curious to see how either those tools or the concept itself is executed.​​​​​​​

Other Projects: